10381 – Individual submission

NDIS I’ve found is a nightmare.

Agreements: Even though I did not get to agree to it, it is written in a jargon form of language, which you are told is to allow flexibility, but all it does is cause confusion. There is not plain explanation of how to operate things in a process form.

The documents written to help explain things, are cumbersome and disorganised. Little illustrations on how to use things. You need more plain English processed based information for users. I would say, website, brochures offer very little help and appear to have been written by rather verbose people.

The standard of care I am receiving, is below the standard I used to receive. I cannot find privately the qualified people to service me. Many of the medical based providers have fairy websites with a lot of people smiling, but cannot provide you the full service you need. What they can provide you is costing the government an obscene amount of money with very little service. It can be described as money for jam. It is scandalous.