10420 – Individual

I am writing to you regarding the current National Disability which severely disadvantages Australians aged over 65 as they do not have access to the NDIS.
Under aged care, people who have extensive care needs, such as my father, who has complete quadriplegia, are insufficiently funded.
Regardless of age, people over the age of 65 with a life changing DISABILITY should be entitled to access NDIS benefits to support them in receiving the care they require.
My father was a fit and healthy 66 year old when he broke his C1/C2 neck bones in an accident, resulting in him becoming a quadriplegic and unable to breathe without the use of a ventilator. Had he been under 65 he would be eligible for the NDIS and had access to more funding and support in his return home from his extensive hospital stay post injury. The funding he will receive from “My Aged Care” is insufficient and does not provide anywhere near the level of funding required to support someone with such an extensive disability in terms of ongoing high level care, extensive home modifications to allow wheel chair access and ongoing community/home based therapy to enhance his quality of life.
This is discrimination based on age restrictions.
My father needs 24/7 support. The aged care system will not be able to provide the funding my father requires. He has worked his entire adult life whilst being a contributing member of Australian society who deserves to be fairly treated regarding his disability. Spinal Cord injury is NOT an age related disability, this is an accident causing disability and can occur to any person at any age.
He needs to have his house modified. Under the aged care system he is only eligible for $10 000. His house requires a renovation to include accessibility, a wet room and other modifications which will cost significantly more than the $10 000 available to him. He will require vehicular transportation, with a modified lift. He requires a team of carers working 24/7 to support him.
If this accident had occurred more than 5 year ago prior to NDIS roll out it is obvious my Father would have received significantly more funding with the previous funding system in place but due to the “NDIS upgrade” and a “team of people” who have made this age related restrictions the financial burden and effect on quality of life for my father is absolutely devastating and we as a family feel complete discrimination.
The NDIS eligibility needs a review immediately and needs to include those with life changing disability AT ANY AGE. We will not stop campaigning until this can be achieved and implore the NDIS to change.