10421 – Individual submission

Submission under Engage in Disability Social Service NDIS.

Dear Department of Social Services,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to make representation and comment on the NDIS and how it relates to my family member from where I see it.
I am somewhat perplexed at the monitory cost provided to the individual disabled persons under the Participant Service Guarantee (PSG) under NDIS, in my case some $350,000 has been allotted under what I am told is called a “Service Booking” by the service provider. I believe this value is largely a result of service providers gouging the tax payer in the long run and government not realistically questioning or requiring justification for such a claim to support the disabled.

As Financial Administrators of my family member I have no say what the service provider can draw off from funds allotted to him under the NDIS Policy, and question if “the funding is provided to the disabled person”(as per the NDIS Statement) and NOT the service provider why can they access funding without authorisation. However in my case the service provider is and has drawn funds allotted to my family member without a service provision contract. Is this action even legal or at least in the spirit of NDIS or just another unaudited gouging of funds.

As stated earlier, as Financial Manager I am scrutinised in depth justifying every cent of spending where it would seem the service provider can and has accessed his allotted NDIS funding without any justification, this to me seems criminal. While I am all for looking at achieving the best for my family member I am disgusted by the seemingly unaudited actions of the service provider by any NDIS department.