Which of the following statements best describes you?

I’m a disability advocate and/or work for a disability peak association or service provider

Question 1:
During the first stage of consultations we heard that the vision and the six outcome areas under the current Strategy are still the right ones. Do you have any comments on the vision and outcome areas being proposed for the new Strategy?

Northern Territory does not have a Disability Justice plan. All states and territories should have one in place for those with disabilities particularly complex mental health dual disabilities. This should include housing options for those sitting in limbo in jail but also for those with convictions against them in order to integrate successfully back into the community.

Housing accessibility is almost non existent in NT, with public Housing unavailable, rental housing not accessible or pwd unable to afford the rent prices. Leaving disability providers to head lease and essentially are asked to become a housing specialist despite this not being a core business for them.

Learning and support for indigenous is almost non existent with very little percenrage of support workers being from an aboriginal background. Further needs to be done in training and enticing them to become support workers

Question 2:
What do you think about the guiding principles proposed here?

The guiding principles need to look at specifically having enough communicators for our deaf and indigenous languages communities in the NT. Having to fly interpreters in from interstate has shown in a covid world this does not work. And is often left to the disability provider to pay to ensure they are providing the right service requirements to their client. Especially in a SIL environment

Question 3:
What is your view on the proposal for the new Strategy to have a stronger emphasis on improving community attitudes across all outcome areas?

More commitment from local governments and federal governments should occur to educate the community. This is not done by holding 1 event a year at international PWD day or having disability organisations having to pay to hold such events out of pocket on slim margins

Question 4:
How do you think that clearly outlining what each government is responsible for could make it easier for people with disability to access the supports and services they need?

This needs to be outlined more clearly for each state and territory with a written blurb on how that office assists those with disability.
Ie. NT has NT office of disability, NDIA, NDIS Quality and safeguards commission, Centrelink, Corrections, Advocacy etc…

Question 5:
How do you think the Strategy should represent the role that the non-government sector plays in improving outcomes for people with disability?

Outcomes and meeting these are not clearly defined within the NDIA. After 4 years accountability should already be in place t oclearly understand how each pwd has progressed and using a uniformed approach to present to the NDIA

Question 6:
What kind of information on the Strategy’s progress should governments make available to the public and how often should this information be made available?

A report should be undertaken on what a pwd has requested to be in their plan versus what was actually accepted in their plan. This will assist in local area identifying trends and identifying local areas that are consistently refusing the same item which may be because of lack of k knowledge or lack of services.

Question 7:
What do you think of the proposal to have Targeted Action Plans that focus on making improvements in specific areas within a defined period of time (for example within one, two or three years)?

Yes! TaPs should be set and reviewed yearly to identify progress.

Question 8:
How could the proposed Engagement Plan ensure people with disability, and the disability community, are involved in the delivery and monitoring of the next Strategy?

Increasing funding to the NDS in each state and territory to undertake this role.

Question 9:
Is there anything else you would like to share about the ideas and proposals in the position paper?