Which of the following statements best describes you?

  • I’m a parent / guardian or other family member of a person with disability

Question 1:
During the first stage of consultations we heard that the vision and the six outcome areas under the current Strategy are still the right ones. Do you have any comments on the vision and outcome areas being proposed for the new Strategy?

No, providing that the vision always keeps the participant front of mind. Also to ensure that they are viewed as individuals.

Question 2:
What do you think about the guiding principles proposed here?

I believe inclusiveness is vital in relation to policies and programs. Whilst not everyone will agree these are essential to have in place. I think it is essential to monitor and revisit to ensure they stay relevant and inline with other changes that may occur. Also keeping all relevant persons informed if a change does occur.

Question 3:
What is your view on the proposal for the new Strategy to have a stronger emphasis on improving community attitudes across all outcome areas?

This proposal is the most vital support needed moving forward not only for individuals but the community as a whole. This is not just about marketing but inter-grading and promoting equality. Disabled people generally don’t want to be treated differently, they just want to be included and considered. In areas such as access to businesses, parks, transport etc.

Question 4:
How do you think that clearly outlining what each government is responsible for could make it easier for people with disability to access the supports and services they need?

I believe this should be governed by one area with a Federal policy that does not change from state to state. All in one basket so as there is uniformity throughout Australia. All persons in community services, government, non-government and the private sector should all be aligned.

Question 5:
How do you think the Strategy should represent the role that the non-government sector plays in improving outcomes for people with disability?

All persons in community services, government, non-government and the private sector should all be aligned. Same policy and procedures as which to adhere to. Areas such as Businesses, Community organisations etc could get a financial incentive for employment or voluntary. Or possibly funding for additional stuff to support the person with needs, such as a ‘Buddy’.

Question 6:
What kind of information on the Strategy’s progress should governments make available to the public and how often should this information be made available?

All details, information and progress should be made public. Transparency is vital, reporting should be done inline with general business needs. However if the CEO or other heads of departments have a report that to should be available once completed. I don’t feel that a particular time frame is suitable.

Question 7:
What do you think of the proposal to have Targeted Action Plans that focus on making improvements in specific areas within a defined period of time (for example within one, two or three years)?

Action plans should be layered as some things may to longer to see or get a responsible outcome. So once again defined periods to be relevant to to target, as i don’t believe it is a one size fits all!

Question 8:
How could the proposed Engagement Plan ensure people with disability, and the disability community, are involved in the delivery and monitoring of the next Strategy?

I feel an engagement plan would need to be multi layered relevant to abilities not with such a focus on disabilities.

Question 9:
Is there anything else you would like to share about the ideas and proposals in the position paper?

I feel it is great that the proposals are focused on the areas of need, but until completed and reviewed plus put into practice will gauge it’s success.