Ross Green

In a word, the response process of the NDIS is a disgrace. We have tried to communicate with NDIS a number of times concerning our sons funding. We have sent submissions via the normal post as well as via email. There has been no response to let us know the communication was recieved. After a reasonable time limit I sent a request for an update of our request for a review, again no response from NDIS. We requested our plan manager to see if they could follow it up and get some answers. The response was that NDIS had sent a response in the mail requiring us to respond in kind by 14 days. This was not the case, there was no mail ever from NDIS. They then said that it could have come via email. I checked by my wife and my emails going back 3 months for incoming & outgoing emails even in the trash folder, there was no NDIS emails found. The next thing was they said we tried to ring you a number of times, this again is not correct. We asked if a message was left on the phone at the times of the calls, no we don’t leave messages! Are you kidding, we like so many individuals get erroneous calls from scammers and if an unidentified number shows on our phones then we discard it and sometimes block that number particularly if it is coming from interstate. According to NDIS our original request for a review was discarded as no
response from us. This made us extremely angry that the NDIS people just flicked us off putting the onus on us and not taking responsibility for any of their actions.
Recently we received an email from the NDIS asking for some basic particulars re our sons original request, this is now 3-4 months old. My response was to package up all of the original correspondence and send it again via post mail as well as via email with a request to acknowledge the receipt of the forms etc. This was on 13th Nov. Yes I am still waiting for some or any response from NDIS for the receipt of this information.
Please please get your act together to provide a service worthy of doing something, we who have siblings with disabilities that require 24 hour care are trying to make their lives and ours better by utilising what NDIS stands for helping us to provide funding for carers which apart from everything else helps give us some badly needed respite.