All Things Equal

All Things Equal is a NFP cafe in Balaclav, Melbourne providing purposeful, paid employment for people with and without disability. Every staff member with a disability gets paid award wage and has the opportunity to work front-of-house or back-of-house. As a start up, we still have a lot of work to do but we are wholeheartedly committed to working, supporting and upskilling people living with disability to develop skills in a mainstream workplace.

We would love to be part of this conversation as we feel that we are one of the only cafe’s/businesses in Victoria doing something along these lines. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be paid for their work as they contribute to our community.

We feel that with greater support from local council and our government, we have a model that truly works. With 50+ people on our waiting list, we think we’ve hit the jackpot with our model. We just need more All Things Equal’s on every corner of the state and need support in doing so!

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