Dipson Khadka


The people with disabilities have potential to contribute to our community and to our society. When thinking of employment opportunity for people with disabilities please do make decisions only based upon economic plus & minuses. Do make decisions based on other dimensions like emotions, well-being, being part of society and cultural mix.

It is the responsibility of every corporation to help the disability sector. So, my suggestion shall be: on the basis of corporate structure, turnover and profitability, every entity shall either employ the suitable person with disability in their organisation or they shall support the NDIS plan through corporate responsibility laws/rules.

If we can establish this mandatory law/rules through corporate sector then we can achieve the mission of opportunity of employment for people with disability in a massive scale with a fruitful results.

like medicare surcharge put NDIS surcharge on taxable income.
Now the time to look back to our people with disabilities and get them the equal opportunity to thrive into their dreams/skills.

Best Regards,
Dipson Khadka