My son and I both have Multiple Sclerosis. We have both been through a DES provider to try to access suitable employment. The process is designed for people on Centrelink and is not very disability friendly. Being asked to wait in waiting rooms while its hot causes further temporary disablement. We both have chronic fatigue and thermoregulatory dysfunction as well as other MS issues. So the environment is not suitable to gain access for support.

The text messages are not always accurate and employment consultants change all the time making it impossible to have the same person to help you. This also makes issues with our employment and disability profile.

There needs to be some actual consultation with people who have a disability with and without Centrelink in pre, during and post employment supports.

There needs to be funds for people to be able to find their own employment supports, either as a trained support worker, OT or specific programs. Mainstream employment supports are not always suitable.

There needs to be funds for people to be able to have transport to and from work as well. Same for digital resources.

Not all people with a disability want to work in a coffee shop unpacking coffee cups and stacking them. Some people are quite mentally functional but not physically and want to find higher functioning jobs. There is a gap with NDIS employment supports and funding.

There also needs to be an agency that helps people find jobs where people who are severely immune compromised can work. Especially with Covid now in the community. I want to work at home or in a closed office and I can’t. I want flexible hours because of my chronic fatigue. There is no employers out there that will support this. Or supports.

Thank you