Promoting Evidence-based Assistive Technology And Supports

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Evidence-based Assistive Technology And Supports

On 9 May 2023, the Australian Government announced $29.3 million over 2 years (2023-24 to 2024 25) to work with participants and providers to make it easier to access quality Assistive Technology and other supports.

We will co-design an expert advisory panel with participants, service providers, advocates, peaks and leading researchers. The expert advisory panel will assess Assistive Technology and other supports that have proven benefits and cost effectiveness, to make it easier for participants to find and access high quality evidence based supports that suit their needs.

We will also work together to design the way we establish preferred provider lists for Assistive Technology products and other supports. The lists will assist participants to access high quality Assistive Technology supports at better prices, leveraging the buying power of the NDIS. Participants will continue to have control over where they source their supports and can choose to purchase from other providers outside of the lists.

These initiatives will support participants to access supports more easily and get better deals. We will work with participants and providers to carefully co-design these initiatives.

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