Anonymous – 17/09/2021

There have been comments that the NDIS needs to cut costs and that there have been attempts to cut funding to PWD and the sevices they need.

As a carer of 2 adult sons on NDIS the thing I’ve noticed is there are other ways to cut down on costs to the NDIS. As it is I feel that my sons are more like cash cows.

There needs to be a review of the price guide.

1, A sliding scale that providers can charge. As providers are charging the maximum amount whether they’ve been in their industry for a few week or a few years etc.

2 I’ve had exercise physiology taken from my sons plan and I’m going to pay for it privately. NDIS price was $166.99 privately $75.00 without the reports NDIS requires.

We also have 2 Behaviouralists 1 for each son 1 has been in the mental health industry for over 30 years the other still in training and both charging $387.97 per 1 hour.

Did you start your job earning top dollar from day 1 ?

Thank you for reading