Anonymous – 21/09/2021

The problem is that when a plan is made and discussed with the LAC, a person in an office in Geelong makes a decision without ever having seen the participant and may well over rule the LAC. When this happens (often) there is a need for a whole review again and it is very stressful. And I wonder why there is an added layer of administration?

Secondly, as an example: my 65 year old sister lost some skills during covid due to social isolation, and her funding ran out early due to loss of high levels of usual informal supports in covid. The family reports loss of informal supports leading to early expiration of funding and a small change in skills were not accepted as valid by the NDIA and we were made to have an OT assessment to PROVE there was a dramatic increase in loss of skills. There is a long wait for OT and a further stressor, and added cost to the system. We were made to exaggerate a loss of skills when it was mainly an earlier exhaustion in funds due to covid restrictions. In this way the system is too inflexible as to when a review is required and encourages dishonesty. Why is not the family trusted? OT costs at least $3000 and is poor value for money in some cases.