Anonymous – 25/09/2021

Trying to understand part of the proposed change in legislation.(see above in Blue)

My wife’s current plan is plan managed.
We have some really great support people providing social, community and recreation support for my wife.
These businesses are sole operators with ABN’s.
These support providers are not NDIS registered.

My reading of the proposed changes is that once the changes are passed, these businesses would then need to be NDIS registered providers.
Ie Plan Managed participants in the NDIS would now only be able to use NDIS registered providers

Of these businesses both are small sole operators
One has only a couple clients ..
The second one also only has a couple of disability clients and is a sideline to their normal business working with persons without disabilities.
Neither of these businesses could justify the cost of becoming NDIS registered provider,
Firstly, the skills and cost of developing policies and procedures to meet NDIS requirements.
Secondly, the cost of being audited as part of the application process
And thirdly, the cost of ongoing compliance requirements

We see that we would lose these invaluable supports. They took a long time to find and difficult to replace.

Could you please clarify if we are reading the proposed changes to the NDIS ACT and Rules correctly?

That is, will plan managed participants now only be able to use NDIS Registered Providers?

If this is the case, the proposed changes are going to make it even more difficult to find supports; reducing choice and control.