Donna Hannaford – 02/10/2021

As we are all disabled differently with some of us have more or less functionally than others with the same diagnoses, my opinion is that the rules are too harsh and don’t allow for ever-changing trials or advances in allied health and every changing supports that we let our providers know we need.

This part in the Rules in my opinion are going backwards to the tick box system of the previous state-run disability services model.

Yes they do actually

I am Plan Managed via Plan Partners and always have been. I believe these rules should be entirely scrapped regarding self-management and it no longer should be a thing. As too many of my peers and others that have become self-managed are bullied into requesting it by nominees/family etc. Then run out of funds before their plan time is up.

Plan Managed allows us to find/choose our providers, and confidently go about our lives as best we can.

Also, the risk management for plan managers isn’t very clear and providers that do plan management and support coordination should be completely separated from providers that have other services to offer.

The words about the CEO of the NDIA being able to vevo everything even without our requesting it, if that could be removed that would cause a lot less of the group think we have about it going back to the bad old days of the state run system in which people died ( Kew Cottages fire of the late 90’s where we lose 6 dear friends, and other situations where we passed due to not being treated as people with our own abilities to make our own choices