Sarah Jean Skinner – 06/10/2021


Not really. I feel that too few changes have been made. The NDIS is a joke – the NDIS is very difficult for people like me and I feel that more people with disabilities actually need to make decisions for people with disabilities, not those who arent.


There are many changes that need to be made. The first is that the user experience is extremely unfriendly to participants. The wording choice for medical reports needs to be so precise that many medical institutions do not bother with the NDIS as it’s too difficult to navigate.

My experience has denoted that unless my doctors provide extremely specific instructions, of which they have to word PERFECTLY (and there is no guiidebook to follow either) I do not get the help I need. I have found that the NDIS is quick to toss away reviews, quick to hire lawyers and waste taxpayer money fighting disabled people for their rights, and quick to pile blame on this on disabled people. They do not allow for people to review further among the NDIS – they say go straight to the AAT for further reviews, when generally speaking it’s simply because the medical reports submitted have a different wording choice than the NDIS requires.

An example would be having to state that a condition is permanent – everyone and their mother knows that Autism is permanent, yet I wasn’t able to get onto the NDIS because my psychologyst didn’t write ‘permanent’ on the report. That was the only reason I was rejected.

This kind of petty nonsense is exactly why there needs to be significant reform in this plan.

I am disgusted with my experience with the NDIS. It is created souly as a money avenue for the government and an image to say they care about disabled people, but they don’t. They never have. I find the experience with the NDIS harrowing, degrading and depressing. I have never felt like I was being treated with any form of dignity and respect, only a number and an annoyance because I dare fight the system.

The NDIS is awful. I hate that I have to rely on it.

It doesn’t. The NDIS only cares about making money, nothing else.

Always. It’s the government. They will use any loophole possible.

The NDIS needs to make it so that medical documents don’t have to be worded absolutely perfectly. The NDIS needs to hire disabled people to work there, and focus on it, because we know what we want and what we need.





Too long; there should be allowances made for urgent cases.

I don’t trust the NDIS to have the best interests of people with disabilities at heart, so no.

I feel this is a step in the right direction.

I hope that the NDIS actually gets better, and that I can actually get the supports I need with ease, and not have to use the AAT to resolve all of my problems.