Peter Hill – 04/10/2021

I can’t believe the total disregard that the Morrison government has shown both people with a
disability and those you care for them.
Under the guise of pretending to have be fully consulted with NDIS participants the Morrison
government is determined to push through its change to the NDIS.
It is clear that the Morrison government has no intentions of really wanting any feedback on these
changes, they only have one agenda that is to cut funding to the participants.
The evidence starts with the Morrison government making press statements designed to put fear into
public about the cost of the NDIS and how “cost were blowing out” and the whole scheme was
“unsustainable.” To add further evidence the government dismissed calls by the peak disability groups
to allow more time for people with a disability to make a submission.
The NIDS is a very complex piece of legislation I would suggest that it would be challenging for a
lawyer to fully understand let alone some people with a disability and their carers in one month.
The public interest Advocacy centre suggests there are 16 dense documents to review. They have a
number of concerns with the proposed changes. They also believe there are missed opportunities to
improve the legislation.
It is mind boggling difficult to deal with the NDIS now, any changes need to be properly thought
through and to be frank the Morrison government as failed to deliver on so many fronts to point I have
absolutely no confidence in the Morrison government and his parade of recycled disgraced Ministers
putting together a bunch of ill though out changes to the current NDIS that would bring positive
changes for the participants.
It is hard to say what or who is driving the Morrison government. But one thing I can guarantee if they
continue along this ill thought out venture it will be another nail in the Morrison government’s coffin.