Individual Submission – Dr. Lucy Owen

1. Are the proposed funding amounts of between $500,000 and $8 million per project appropriate for Inclusion Round grants?

Unable to comment as I lack expertise in funding these services.

7. Are there additional criteria that should be considered?

I work in the RDH emergency department. We have an acute need for 24 hour crisis accommodation for women and children experiencing DFV.

A car driven by a support worker to pick patients up directly from ED would be ideal as it is often scary for people to be put in a taxi late at night.

8. What are the best measures to determine an applicant’s suitability to meet the needs of First Nations women and children?

Aboriginal Controlled organisations.

14a. Should the definition of ‘emergency accommodation’ include longer stays?

Often people will need months of accommodation especially with the current rental crisis. Longer stays are essential.

17. Is there any additional feedback you would like to provide?

24 hour referral processes directly from hospital emergency departments reduce the level of stress of patients and reduce the overcrowding of our emergency departments.