[Sub ID 4037] Social venture organisations (T3Energy Pty Ltd)

Submission ID: 4037
Organisation name: T3Energy Pty Ltd
Contact name: Mr Paul Curtis
State: NSW
Contact email: paul.superbrick@hotmail.com

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
• Flexibility in training and employment to allow integration with caring and parenting responsibilities. Employment and caring or parenting responsibilities can be incompatible without flexibility in training and employment. An arrangement designed with this level of flexibility is central to an effective solution. • Adaptability of training and employment to enable specific individual’s issues to be recognised and addressed. One size never fits all and the ability to adapt the model to meet an individual at their point of need is important.
• Difficulty of locating employers prepared to be flexible and adaptable in working with young carers and young parents. This is the key. Without an understanding employer willing to be that flexible and adaptable there is no lasting employment. The proposal detailed below addresses this key requirement.
• Finding the determination to step out. Often this reluctance hides a real anxiety for change. Understanding and addressing the need for a strong motivation to overcome the step out anxiety is critical. From years of experience and observation working with the employment challenged I see these issues as critical to successfully transitioning young people from these priority groups into employment and a fuller life.

What is your idea?
The object of this proposal is to place young carers, young parents and later, young people at risk of extended unemployment into specially designed real employment with the support necessary to overcome difficulties and remain happily and productively employed. The employment enterprise is key to this proposal. Rather than approaching existing employers and because of the particular requirements, an enterprise will be spun off the proposers business in collaboration with Social Venture organisations to offer sustainable employment opportunities while delivering the necessary support services. Employment arrangements must be flexible in work hours to meet with the demands experienced by young carers and young parents and will be characterised by preparedness to adapt to the individual training and employment needs of the young parent or young carer. A “Training Manager” with suitable qualifications and experience will be situated at the workplace to identify individual’s work and home issues, training required and to negotiate a tailored individual’s work plan, then support and assist as necessary to maintain ongoing employment. For this to work a special social enterprise will be necessary. The proposer has a plan for a financially self-sustaining social enterprise which is designed to deliver the above employment outcomes and services.