[Sub ID 4183] Dandelion@University for students with Autism (La Trobe University)

Submission ID: 4183
Organisation name: La Trobe University
Contact name: Mr Michael Fieldhouse
State: VIC
Contact email: michael.fieldhouse@hpe.com
Contact number: 0421060590

Dandelion@University program is focus on providing IT work experience to students on the autism spectrum, increasing their chance of employment.

Dandelion work experience program (Dandelion@University) concept program was built from seeing the large number of university graduates on autism spectrum that apply to our Dandelion employment program that are unemployed and well educated. We also noticed that they had very little work experience on their applications.

The Dandelion@University has four goals:
1) Improving employability for university students on the spectrum
2) Retention of students with autism at university by providing them with greater hope for employment opportunities
3) Improving the inclusiveness of employer graduate programs
4) Providing greater hope to parents/carers of primary school children with autism.

Youtube video of the Dandelion@University (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWPswqcSN3Q&t=6s)