[Sub ID 4215] Online workplace skills training package (Peter, VIC)

Submission ID: 4215
Contact name: Peter
State: VIC
Contact email: prford42@bigpond.com

• Our “Jobways 1 Workplace skills” idea is primarily for young students and unemployed at risk of long term unemployment.
• It addresses the issue that whilst the government and other bodies accept that for young unemployed a lack of employment skills and disciplines are a barrier to employment, suitable and affordable training packages are available.
• Our Jobways 1 solves this problem with a very low cost online package covering:
a) Workplace duties and responsibilities
b) Sales and customer service
c) Safety and security
Jobways 1 is a very comprehensive 25 unit package – Certificate III equivalent. Moodle educational software is used to manage, monitor and assess performance so that on satisfactory completion users are accredited with a “CQ Ready for Work Award” to improve their employability.