[Sub ID 4285] Holistic employment skills support for students (Settlement Services International)

Submission ID: 4285
Organisation name: Settlement Services International
Contact name: Mr Thanh Nguyen
State: NSW
Contact email: tnguyen@ssi.org.au
Contact number: 0402771390

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
The Try, Test and Learn Fund Handbook and Priority Group Data for Young Students indicate that personal, family and community factors (including parental unemployment and/or low educational attainment and refugee status) and subject choice and progression can contribute to young people not finishing their education and/or to long-term unemployment.
Interventions need to be tested that can support young students to:
• identify a career goal/s informed by knowledge of occupations in demand; related employability skills; and, their personal skills, attributes and preferences; and to
• transition into employment by addressing knowledge and skills gaps in job seeking, interview skills, employability skills and a lack of networks and work experience.

What is your idea?
A career development program targeting all students but focusing especially on migrants and refugees and second generation young people from a non-English speaking background that entails the following elements:
1) Gaining employability skills such as soft skills, interview skills, CV writing skills, understanding of workplace culture
2) Building practical knowledge and understanding of employment options through industry exposure and , workplace experience, in groups or individually as appropriate
3) Coaching to distill learning of items 1 and 2 in small groups, develop individual career plans and goals, addressing issues as they arise
4) Ongoing mentoring in groups or one on one sessions/phone conversations
5) Ongoing referrals to other relevant programs/services such as JobActive services.