[Sub ID 4355] Creating better outcomes for young parents and their children (Kimberley Regional Economic Aboriginal Corporation)

Submission ID: 4355
Organisation name: Kimberley Regional Economic Aboriginal Corportion
Contact name: Mr Dennis Peart
State: WA
Contact email: managerkreac@gmail.com
Contact number: 08 9168344

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support? Young parents

What need or issue are you trying to address?
We would like to work with young parents who are coming from Department of Child Protection to work towards getting the children back into a safe environment through on going programs that will enable both parents to work towards the childrens safety. The children need to have an ongoing approach to attending the educational centres whilst the parents work towards doing educational training and working into employment so that this will enable the family unit to break the generational gaps that have been seen here in the East Kimberley for decades. The process in making the young parents take more responsibility for their children and work within the family structure to sustain a better life style whilst doing the program to enhance their skills towards employment and training to gain qualifications to make a difference.

What is your idea?
The organisation will run family structured programs together with networking in the community to give the young parents the understanding of sending the children to Day Care or school whilst they empower themselves through training for employment and attending the program to help maintain the need to make changes from the every day life they had lived. In order to make this program work the Courts or Justice System can send them to the KREAC organisation so they can enrol to do the program for the betterment of their children and their family. The family structure would come into play especially with the Matriach which will help to deliver the program through the Traditional barriers. The children will be safe and will have a better life by maintaining the parents to attend to make the changes that are needed.