[Sub ID 4540] Colourgrid Career Counselling (‘Life. Be in it.’ Australia Ltd)

Submission ID: 4540
Organisation name: ‘Life. Be in it.’ Australia Ltd
Contact name: Dr Colin Benjamin
State: VIC
Contact email: colbenj@lifebeinit.org
Contact number: 0396969595

‘Life. Be in it.’ is seeking partners to develop GATEWAY services in association with Try, Test and Learn and PaTH funding of an innovative professional career counselling and computer aided support system (go to www.colourgrid.com) can assist with the training and support of professional career couunsellors, school careers teachers, student centres and other gateways to longer term employment.

This is a modification of a Hirer/Talent matching service that has been developed for High Tech placements that could be modified to meet the needs of any program that is offering career guidance and support to students, carers and or young parents.