[Sub ID 4578] Your Future on-site mentors and digital resources (Neami National)

Submission ID: 4578
Organisation name: Neami National

Young Students and Young Parents currently living in Youth Residential Rehabilitation Centres (YRRCs) are one of Australia’s most at-risk groups for life long dependency on welfare. In fact, studies show that up to 92% of this group are likely to be unemployed or disengaged from study (Lehman et al., 2002; Marwaha & Johnson, 2004; SANE, 2002), compared to 4.2% among same age peers living without a mental illness (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012).

Neami National proposes the development of the ‘Your Future’ initiative – a unique approach co-designed with Young People living in YRRCs – featuring on-site support, digital tools and innate learnings to secure employment and/or education opportunities.