[Sub ID 4593] TLC Project (Kylie Fulton)

Submission ID: 4593
Contact name: Miss Kylie Fulton
State: NSW
Contact email: kylie@thetlcproject.info
Contact number: 0432333266
About the submitter: I hold a Certificate III in Community Services and am currently undertaking my Certificate IV in Youth Work. I have also previously acted as a carer.

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Young people from the priority groups often feel disengaged and do not actively participate in their own lives resulting in a lack of basic but essential life and work skills, such as budgeting, resume writing, communication and many other barriers to sustainable workforce participation. While there are service providers who may be able to help young people acquire the skills they need, when young people do try to access services there are many hurdles they face, including a lack of awareness about the services available and what programs and support they offer. Not only this but if they are aware there is often elements of fear and distrust when seeking out community services. These factors can lead to frustration and helplessness.

Not only this but young people from the priority groups are often so focused on the care of others they do not think about their own well-being or future.

There is a need to streamline access to effective community services while also providing work and life skills training and mentoring to enable young people to engage meaningfully with their community and the services available to them while building their confidence and skill sets.

What is your idea?
The TLC Project (Training, Learning & Critical thinking), is a life and work skills intervention designed to help participant identify and break down their barriers to workforce participation or education outcomes. The Project is broken down into 3 stages including intensive workshops, work experience and mentoring.

The workshop phase is a 3 week TAFE accredited course addressing participants barriers by conducting workshops on a range of topics including Mental Health, Physical Health, Domestic Violence, Financial Management, Crime Prevention, Aboriginal Cultural Awareness, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Gambling Awareness, Motivation and Passion, Mindfulness, Work Ready Make Over, Resume & Cover Letter Writing, Interviews and Interactions.

All workshops will be conducted at TAFE Petersham with workshops being led by community service partners or teachers that specialise in their field and have the knowledge and passion to assist participants in breaking down their barriers. A Head Mentor will also be present at all workshops. The Mentor will share their personal experiences with the barriers addressed and their experience of utilising service providers to overcome them. All participants will complete their personalised action plans during every workshop which will reflect what pathways they want/need to take in regards to their barriers, e.g. seeking additional counselling.

After completing the workshop phase participants will complete work experience with local businesses or charity groups to provide additional hands-on skills and confidence.

Participants will also be matched with a mentor on their first day. This is someone who has experienced many of the barriers the participants are facing and can offer guidance and/or support to the participant. The participants will have regular meetings with their mentor during the workshop and work experience phases and for an additional year after this.

All project are limited to 10 participants to ensure that everyone gets the specialised attention they need and deserve to work through their barriers.