[Sub ID 4603] The Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project (Seer D+A)

Submission ID: 4603
Organisation name: Seer D+A

The Greater Shepparton Lighthouse in partnership with Seer D+A, a data and analytics start-up focused on providing data solutions to the social sector, and together with a coalition of community service organisations and Government Agencies in Greater Shepparton seeks funding from the Try, Test and Learn Fund to use data and predictive analytics to better understand the “Conception to Career” Pathway for young students, carers and parents at risk of disengaging from post secondary school study, school and employment in Shepparton.

This project will help the community better identify and understand the critical moments of disengagement for each of the priority groups at immediate risk of disengaging, as well as the critical moments for early intervention. The data and analytics insights will provide the community and service providers with a data-driven, evidence based approach for the re-design and delivery of services to meet the specific needs of the priority groups at highest risk of disengaging now with a goal to re-engage as many as 1 in 4 young people (who may also be carers, students and parents) in work and study.