[Sub ID 4609] The New Work Mindset (Foundation for Young Australians)

Submission ID: 4609
Organisation name: Foundation for Young Australians
Contact name: Ms Annette Cairnduff
State: VIC
Contact email: annette.cairnduff@fya.org.au

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
The world of work is rapidly changing. It is estimated a young person today will have 5 careers and 17 jobs in their lifetime. Compounding the uncertainty is the reality that many jobs of the future don’t exist today. For all young Australians to thrive amidst these uncertainties, there is an urgent need to shift mindsets about how choices will affect future options: school subjects; TAFE or university courses; apprenticeships options; first job to apply for and how to prepare for job transitions. While none of these choices are irreversible, they are important because they collectively shape employment options over time.

In order for young people to make good decisions, they need to have accurate future focused information that simplifies the complex world of work.

FYA’s big data analysis in The New Work Mindset, shows new insights into the patterns of skills young people now require to navigate complex and uncertain working lives. It shows by shifting our focus from jobs to skills we can better prepare young people, particularly those at risk of unemployment for this changing work landscape.

What is your idea?
We propose an accessible, dynamic and engaging digital labour market information tool that supports young people  – particularly those at risk of unemployment – and the people who are advising them to navigate the future of work. Using big data, this tool would help young people to answer:
– Which job cluster should I work in?
– What jobs am I able to perform?
– How can I transition most effectively from one job to another?

The tool would  encourage young people to think about the broader direction of work type they want to perform and to build a portfolio of skills that give them a wide range of options.

In choosing a career, a young person would think not just about their first job but about the cluster of roles that it might open up. There are 7 job clusters: ‘The Generators’, ‘The Artisans’, ‘The Carers’, ‘The Coordinators’, ‘The Designers’, ‘The Informers’ and ‘The Technologists’.

Young people would answer a series of questions about their interests and skills, in order to determine the cluster that is their best match. The Tool will deliver a ranked list of clusters, examples of best fit jobs,  the proportion and location of jobs available.