[Sub ID 4627] The Skills Caravan Initiative (The Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE)

Submission ID: 4627
Organisation name: The Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE
Contact name: Dr Anthony Rigoni
State: VIC
Contact email: arigoni@gotafe.vic.edu.au
Contact number: 0358332585

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
The ‘Skills Caravan’ describes the problem of matching the workforce to the seasonal jobs that are available in rural and regional areas. Seasonal jobs are important for supporting local export industries and creating entry-level jobs for unemployed and disengaged youth in the region. Seasonal jobs also create opportunities that lead onto full-time work and careers.

The ‘Skills Caravan’ problem arises because:
• Young people in the main do not understand the benefits of undertaking seasonal work.
• Employers seek temporary solutions such as hiring overseas workers on 457 Visa’s to fill seasonal vacancies.
• There has been a decline in traditional entry-level jobs in areas of manufacturing that have been replaced by technology (DET, 2016).
• There is a general lack of understanding and incentive in preparing youth for seasonal work.

The Skills Caravan Problem is also exasperated by the high rate of (17- 25%) youth unemployment and disengagement in rural and regional areas (ABS, 2016). Rural and regional areas are furthermore significantly affected by the social problems created by unemployed and disengaged youth.

The Skills Caravan Initiative addresses the problem of unemployed and disengaged youth in the Human Region by preparing and matching them to the seasonal job opportunities that are available.

What is your idea?
The Skills Caravan Initiative seeks to map and integrate training for unemployed and disengaged youth to the seasonal jobs that are available in the Hume Region.

At a conceptual level the initiative proposes to develop:
• A mapping and tracking system that monitors and provides training, which matches the seasonal jobs that are available.
• An App and Website that list the seasonal jobs.
• A Skills Passport that highlights, for example, a person’s skills, certificates, licenses and ability to work in particular areas. The Passport will also enable the participants to prepare and perform the jobs that are demand, and track and develop the skills required to build long-term careers.
• Training that prepares youth to work as contractors and businesses by learning, for example, how ABN’s, Tax File Numbers, WorkCover, OHS, and Superannuation function in the workplace.
• A closer working system and relationship between industry, seasonal work, job networks, and training.

The Skills Caravan Initiative, however, needs to be supported at a government level to be successfully introduced. It is envisaged industry will provide ongoing support once the Initiative has been fully developed.