[Sub ID 4657] Work experience placements and training for migrant and refugee students (Fremantle Multicultural Centre Inc.)

Submission ID: 4657
Organisation name: Fremantle Multicultural Centre Inc.
Contact name: Ms Anita Tuzlukovic
State: WA
Contact email: anita.tuzlukovic@fmcwa.com.au
Contact number: 0894943781

Capitalising on the enthusiasm demonstrated by migrant and refugee young people towards finding immediate employment while still studying, the focus of this idea is to strengthen and assist the position of young students seeking part time and casual work. Employment while studying not only provides invaluable experience, work references and community connection, but also is proven to be an advantage when competing for full time positions upon completion of studies.

This project will provide a client focused and responsive employment support service to students aged 16-24 studying full time English or Secondary Studies. The program would operate from the settlement grants office based at a senior secondary campus, and would include four components:

1. Workshop delivery of pre-employment skills
2. Individualised coaching to support
3. Matching of the students with mentors
4. Relevant work experience placements