[Sub ID 4669] Preparation package (YFS Ltd)

Submission ID: 4669
Organisation name: YFS Ltd
Contact name: Ms Cath Bartolo
State: QLD
Contact email: cathb@yfs.org.au

We propose a Preparation Package model that attaches a “package” of funding and support to young parents and carers, preferably early in their parenting or caring role, e.g. when the youngest child turns 3 or the carer has been on carer benefit for one year.

This funding would be allocated to a broad human services organisation in the person’s home region (ideally chosen by the young person themselves), and would fund case management and interventions, including:
– assessment and development of a plan for each participant
– ongoing support and monitoring
– practical work to address identified barriers on a case by case basis, through fee-for-service outsourcing and/or supported referral.

For example:
– action to address significant non-vocational barriers, e.g. housing support, parenting skills programs
– in-home support from a support worker to assist in developing routines and strategies to enable consistent work habits
– job seeking through proactive engagement with local employers
– supported linkages with existing employment preparation or training programs
– links to volunteering and work experience options
– brokerage to overcome short-term one-off barriers.