[Sub ID 4698] Drive to Entrepreneur, Youth business incubator (Rohan Robertson)

Submission ID: 4698
Contact name:  Rohan Robertson
State: VIC
Contact email: rohanrob12345@gmail.com
Contact number: 0455553662

About the submitter:
Melbourne based Consultant with over 25 years working in the employment, training and youth sectors.

In summary, our Program aims to encourage youth to be innovative and entrepreneurial by providing the framework within the Youth Business Incubator to:

1. Obtain the confidence to develop their ideas & ultimately create small businesses
2. Gain the skills and qualifications to attain alternative employment
3. Gain the confidence and education benefits to undertake further education
4. Attain mobility via the Driver Education program allowing participants greater opportunities within education, employment & training
5. Address the social stigmas attached to the local area by promoting improved family engagement in education, training and employment
6. Create a `non- Centrelink mindset’ within local youth & increase engagement from families with generational unemployment
7. Development the next generation of employers
8. Improve the engagement levels of youth in training and education via a ‘non-traditional’ means
9. Allow the participants to take ownership of decisions they make on their futures & develop a ‘Can do’ attitude!

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Primarily the objectives of the ‘Drive to Entrepreneur’ Program are:

1. To provide youth with the opportunity & support framework to develop their entrepreneurial ideas, and create start-up businesses via the development of a Youth Business Incubator;
2. To give the participants the skills to engage in further education or employment;
3. To reduce the traditional barriers youth face in attaining employment and self-employment including access to increased mobility via Driver Education
4. To develop a non-Centrelink mindset approach to employment, education & training.

What is your idea?
This initiative ‘Drive to Entrepreneur’ (D2E) is a Program that fosters and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship with youth in the Northern and Western region of Melbourne. The Program is designed to combine education, training and employment with a Driver Education learning experience within the 17-24 years age group, thus breaking down barriers that youth have in attaining employment.

The initiative will be delivered from a site in Broadmeadows in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. It is planned to develop a Youth Business Incubator drawing on the target group from the Northern and Western suburbs areas of Melbourne. The site is capable of accommodating over 200 start ups dependent on type of business.

The planned involvement in the Program is for 9 months per participant with the option of continuing for a further three months within the proposed facility. During the initial 9 month period, participants will have access to all benefits of the Program with the option of extending of continuing whilst developing their businesses, undertaking training or developing their existing opportunities.