[Sub ID 4712] The Social Foundry (The Social Foundry)

Submission ID: 4712
Organisation name: The Social Foundry
Contact name: Mr Lance Pedlow
State: VIC
Contact email: lance.pedlow@socialfoundry.org.au
Contact number: 0401080474

The Social Foundry is a 12 month workplace-mentoring/transition to work program, for young men (17-25) applicable in a range of rural and regional centers. This initiative is based in the Macedon Ranges region of Victoria.

The Social Foundry seeks to engage young people, who currently have little capacity to realise meaningful employment, through the provision of paid employment, and an intentional workplace mentoring program.

The Social Foundry is a not for profit social enterprise. Participants work 25 hours a week, producing items such as outdoor furniture, gates, planter boxes and trellis among other products. It is projected this social enterprise will be self-funding within four years.

Participants initially undertake a skill and motivation identification exercise, as well as an analysis of the gaps in their pathway to realising meaningful employment.   Each participant establishes a 12 month development program to be implemented concurrent to their employment.

The positions will be paid, and workplace mentoring will focus on life skills as well as work skills. We believe meaningful relationships are more effective than classrooms, and life skills are ‘caught rather than taught’.

The Social Foundry will establish partnerships with retailers, and sales of products are anticipated to make the program self-sufficient within four years.