[Sub ID 4720] Holistic and wrap around supports and services (YFS Ltd)

Submission ID: 4720
Organisation name: YFS Ltd
Contact name: Mr Rollie Pontigon
State: QLD
Contact email: yfs@yfs.org.au

YFS proposes an Earning, Learning, Intervention and Inclusion initiative to work with young parents, carers and students at risk of long term unemployment. The initiative aims to engage or re-engage participants in work or learning.

We propose an end to end wrap-around-integrated outcome solution delivered on a single-provider approach through assistance for:
– Earning e.g. Work-experience, Part-time/Casual/Full-time, Contract/ABN, Self-employment/Startups, Entrepreneurial
– Learning e.g. Short Courses, VET-Certificate/Diploma Level, Online-courses, Life/skills
– Inclusion e.g. social-activity, Volunteering, Live well program, Club/interest group, Community-workshop, Parenting-workshop, Childcare options
– Intervention e.g. Psychology/Mental Health Care Plan, Psychiatric, GP/medication, Housing, , Rehabilitation, Parenting

Intervention or/and Inclusion will be focused and will happen in parallel with Earning or/and Learning engagement and service delivery.

The solution includes an open benchmark or work capacity participation profile. This means that each client can start with a starting point work participation benchmark agreed by the participant based on their circumstances. This can be as low as one hour per week in paid work, with a view of increasing the hours over 6-12 month period.