[Sub ID 4722] Online counselling and career guidance (yourtown)

Submission ID: 4722
Organisation name: yourtown
Contact name: Mr Brendan Bourke
State: QLD
Contact email: bbourke@yourtown.com.au
Contact number: 0738671310

yourtown proposes an evidence based, purpose built and counsellor moderated online social network platform, aimed at developing capacity for workforce participation in young people who experience difficulty in attending face to face programs, due to a range of barriers including: limited or no transport available; lack of suitable childcare/support; lack of funds to purchase transport; poor physical or mental health and other personal barriers.

This online platform would also provide participants with 24/7 accessible mental health services and support their emotional well-being, within a safe, confidential and secure environment. The service would be designed to complement existing employment/related programs and could be adapted to meet the needs of specific cohorts including young parents, young students and young carers, at risk of long term unemployment.

Young people referred to the service would be offered eight modules over eight weeks, tailored to their specific cohort and designed to encourage peer interaction and overall program engagement. The platform would be moderated 24/7 by professional and experienced counsellors who would be trained in workforce capacity development.