[Sub ID 4734] Key relationship workers (Junction Australia)

Submission ID: 4734
Organisation name: Junction Australia
Contact name: Ms Theresa Brown
State: SA
Contact email: tbrown@junctionaustralia.org.au
Contact number: 0882035706

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Young people, particularly those who have grown up in families dependent on welfare, often experience unresolved trauma that affects their participation in life. Significant barriers such as unstable housing, drug or alcohol dependency, poor emotional health and social skills can inhibit a young person’s sense of self-worth and aspiration. Behavioral and developmental problems that may have contributed to disengaging with school can often be related to past trauma.

Junction Australia’s (JA) experience working with young people in out of home care, homelessness, young mothers, tenants and through our counseling services tells us the social and emotional challenges faced are predominately due to challenging family environments and significant trauma that has manifested in behavioral or dependency problems. It is difficult for a young person challenged by problems such as housing instability and fractured relationships to have the ability to set personal goals including paid employment or study.

In addition, once young people are motivated to look for employment there are limited opportunities for candidates with little or no work experience. Many employers are reluctant to employ a young person with a history on Centrelink payments particularly if they perceive the young person to have considerable social problems.

What is your idea?
Data shows that young people who have not addressed their underlying social barriers such as trauma through a skilled holistic approach, are not ready to set personal goals, start studying or working. Junction Australia will provide holistic, intensive, trauma informed support through a Key Relationship Worker assisting the young person to identify and address the causal factors underpinning their barriers to employment.

Building a trusting relationship with the Key Relationship Worker will enable clients to identify their goals around study or employment, will be supported through Restorative Practice and will utilise PERMA + principles to enhance wellbeing and resilience, producing long term change.

Housing stability will be addressed through JA’s social housing services, assisting clients to maintain study or supported employment. The Key Relationship Worker will assist the young person in building the necessary resilience and employability skills to become a successful tenant and employee.

JA will provide real employment and training qualifications through our social enterprise, ‘Junction Works’, to deliver property maintenance and development services across the 2,300 properties we manage. Young people will continue to be case managed by their Key Relationship Worker during this period and, when ready, they will be supported to transition into mainstream employment.