[Sub ID 4736] Workshop training for trainers and learners (Lorelle Black)

Submission ID: 4736
Contact name: Ms Lorelle Black
State: VIC
Contact email: lorelle@lbdtrainingaustralia.com.au

About the submitter:
A passionate coach and trainer who wants to create a new generation of innovative workplace trainers.

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Regardless of how you enter the workforce, you need to have some form of training and hence there will always be a need for good quality trainers in the workplace. Training has 2 components – the trainer and the learner. From my work as an Air Traffic Controller for the past 20 years I understand the benefits of well designed training programs, innovative training ideas and top quality trainers.

The best results within the workplace will generally be realised when the learner can be fully engaged and take ownership for their learning, and the trainer has all the skills and knowledge to support them. Whether it is an induction program, or a longer on the job training program, all businesses have training programs that can be the difference in staff attraction & retention or high, costly turnover rates.

What is your idea?
Often workplace training is completed by the employee that has the most experience, or has the technical expertise to complete specific parts of the training. This won’t always mean that they are the best trainer. When a new employee, specifically from the priority groups, enters the workplace they will have individual learning requirements that may not be supported with standard on-the-job training techniques.

Developing the skills of a workplace trainer can have a direct and immediate impact on the willingness of any new employee’s ability to take on new information. Whether it is safety critical information, or simply daily work tasks, catering to the learning style of the individual is very important. Additionally the more knowledge somebody has about their own unique learning style, the greater their ability is to provide feedback about the effectiveness of their training.

My idea is to design and deliver ‘Be The Best Trainer/Learner’ workshops and online training programs that enhance the capacity for the trainer/learner relationship to be effective and efficient.