[Sub ID 4739] Tailored carer and job support (Carers NSW)

Submission ID: 4739
Organisation name: Carers NSW
Contact name: Ms Sarah Judd-Lam
State: NSW
Contact email: freyas@carersnsw.org.au
Contact number: 9280 4744

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Young carers face the same challenges experienced by other young people seeking employment. However, they also face additional challenges as a result of the time and energy they must devote to caring for their relative, partner or friend.

Increasing young carers’ job readiness and access to employment opportunities is critical, but will achieve limited success if issues relating to the caring role itself are not addressed. If a young carer is supported to increase their workforce participation but has limited time, energy and resources to pursue this goal due to carer stress, inadequate replacement care or social isolation, their capacity to work will remain limited.

Providing young carers with information, advice, emotional support and referral to carer supports such as counselling, peer support, help in the home or a short break from the caring role will reduce barriers to workforce participation that may be inherent in their caring role.

Carers NSW has acquired this understanding as a result of supporting young carers through the Carers NSW Young Carer program, consulting with young carer representatives in relation to this submission, and analysing data from the 41 young carer respondents to the Carers NSW 2016 Carer Survey.

What is your idea?
Holistic support to access employment will address young carers’ employment related needs while also addressing any support needs they may require in relation to their caring role.

Young carers would be offered a combination of tailored support for their caring role (e.g. counselling, service referral, training opportunities and peer connection) by Carers NSW and tailored job search support focusing on flexible employment sectors and skills development, by BUSY at Work. BUSY At Work is an established and trusted not for profit organisation providing apprenticeship, employment and community programs. BUSY is a leading provider of apprenticeship and employment services, Indigenous employment programs, school based programs and disability employment services.

This two-pronged approach would ensure that challenges in the caring role that may be hindering young carers’ workforce participation or capacity to work are addressed in an ongoing capacity to enhance the career development opportunities being provided.

Carers NSW would provide specialist information, referral and brokerage to carers in response to their carer needs as they impact their capacity to work, while Busy at Work would provide direct training and support to young carers, individually and in groups as appropriate, assisting with developing CVs, applying for jobs and interview skills.