[Sub ID 4763] Building Brighter Futures (Volunteer Task Force)

Submission ID: 4763
Organisation name: Volunteer Task Force
Contact name: Mrs Donna Di Bartolomeo
State: WA
Contact number: 0893185700

In our organisational experience of more than 45 years, Volunteer Task Force has observed many young people with a common barrier to employment; confidence. Volunteering within a nurturing environment, building capacity in a meaningful and rewarding way provides a platform to develop confidence and allows people to learn skills and test abilities. Our idea is structured with an understanding that young parents, young carers and students have unique barriers to moving directly into employment and that volunteering provides an ideal ‘testing point’ for people to understand how a job may be able to work within their life.

Building Better Futures seeks to address the key issue of confidence, before moving to provide a structured pathway to address issues and barriers, identify goals, link to existing supports and access training. This not only makes the young person job ready, but develops resilience and problem solving skills; all critical for working life.