[Sub ID 4778] Pre-accelerator program (USC International Development)

Submission ID: 4778
Organisation name: USC International Development
Contact name: Mr Frank Genel
State: QLD
Contact email: tenders@usc.edu.au
Contact number: 0754565128

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Students in schools are being exposed to many advances in STEM and STEAM education as a result of the MAKER movement. From 3D printing, robotics, coding, drone technology, arts, IoT and wearable technology. These projects are engaging students that were previously disengaged and providing new paradigms for education.

However, there are very few resources available on how to commercialise on these new skills. This issue is consistent in regional areas and capital cities, not just in Australia but across the USA as well.

Without combining these highly engaging teaching tools with entrepreneurship skills, manufacturing and global market knowledge, students do not have the required knowledge of transform their interests and ideas into viable startups.

Students are leaving education without the required skills to enter the startup ecosystem. They are also unaware of the support services that they have available to them and connection to their community that can help them succeed in business.

What is your idea?
To provide a pre-accelerator program that prepares students for startup life after they have left school by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to identify commercialisation opportunities from their STEM interests.

This is a 3 month program delivered through local business incubators, co-working spaces and accelerator programs as an after school program. Students are exposed to startup culture directly and become aware of the community support that is available to them within these spaces. It also provides a crucible for great ideas to be identified and championed by the leaders of these organisations.

The program includes technical resources to kick start their project, a support network of skilled industry experts as mentors and producers, as well as educational resources to understand the commercialisation requirements for operating a startup from the skills they have learned in their STEM education.

On successful completion of the pre-accelerator, top applicants will be celebrated at key events around Australia and fast-tracked into the business accelerator programs offered in their region for future growth.

They will also belong fund that will allow the students to have a viable investment portfolio based on their own achievements in bringing investable products to market.