[Sub ID 4780] Youth Insearch Program (Youth Insearch)

Submission ID: 4780
Organisation name: Youth Insearch
Contact name: Mr Heath Ducker
State: NSW
Contact email: heath@youthinsearch.org.au
Contact number: 0269596122

Many youth in Australia today are impacted by problems stemming from family separation & conflict, neglect, domestic violence, sexual & physical & emotional abuse, grief & loss and other traumatic events.

Moreover, these problems frequently occur in families already disadvantaged; suffering from intergenerational unemployment, welfare dependency and poverty. Tragically, they commonly experience multiple problems at once.

Our experience has shown that young people at risk of long term unemployment have had traumatic experiences that deeply impact their thinking and consequently their behaviour.

The Youth Insearch program has been operating for 31 years and has supported over 30,000 young Australians to date. The Youth Insearch Program allows young people to the pain in their lives. This healing process allows the young people to re-evaluate their mind set and establish a new positive life plan. This in turn has a significant impact on person’s willingness and capacity to engage in education, training and employment.