[Sub ID 4784] Bump On (Raise Foundation)

Submission ID: 4784
Organisation name: Raise Foundation
Contact name: Mrs Barbara Burke
State: NSW
Contact email: barbara.burke@raise.org.au
Contact number: 0430320982

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young parents

What need or issue are you trying to address?
The underlying core belief of not belonging, or having nothing of value to contribute, are the primary barriers to workforce participation for Young Mums. They don’t feel like they belong to their peer groups of pre-baby days, as they are responsible for young children. Likewise, they don’t belong in the Mothers groups as they are often 10-15 years younger than the average age of other Mums. They often drop out of school and further education earlier than other (non-parenting) peers.

These scenarios compound the feelings of social isolation and the belief that they don’t belong and have nothing to contribute. They frequently lack a positive role model to demonstrate the power of being in full-time employment.

Of the 500+ Young Mums Raise has supported through our mentoring and education programs since 2008 we have heard them share that they start receiving welfare payments as a stop gap, rarely is it a forever plan, yet it becomes hard to move off it.

Our comprehensive evaluations show us that these Young Mums do in fact want to thrive as parents and to contribute as valued members of their communities, often they just don’t know how to navigate their way to do this.

What is your idea?
Bump On is a 2 year journey for each Young Mum and the foundation of which is the support of a safe and trusting adult as a mentor, each of whom are more experienced Mums from the local community. The combination of mentoring, further education and professional supervision assists to break the barriers of entry to the workplace.

Year 1 is a fortnightly mentoring program with a series of monthly personal development workshops, which accredit towards a TAFE Certificate I in Access to Work & Training in Year 1. Young mums are matched with an older, experienced mum who guides them.

Year 2 sees the Young Mums graduate with TAFE Certificate II in Skills for Work and Training. We transition to a weekly mentoring program. Acting as a group the Young Mums achieve their goal of identifying, developing, producing, marketing and launching a small business product/service for sale.

A dedicated Program Counsellor is present throughout the whole program.