[Sub ID 4809] Pairing job seekers with employer groups (Octopus Training Group)

Submission ID: 4809
Organisation name: Octopus Training Group

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
We are attempting to address the current trend of progression from student payments towards long term unemployment payments. Breaking this welfare payment cycle by creating a job pathway for young students into sustainable employment.

The transition into employment is not one that is naturally taught to young students and the reality is often confronting. Majority of schooling and training programs address theory and curriculum, but not employer readiness. Statistics across all metrics continue to show that early intervention in breaking the unemployment cycle produces sustainable ongoing employment opportunities.

What is your idea?
Our idea is to create a conduit between young students at risk of long term unemployment with a prequalified known employer group with current (and ongoing) job vacancies. The intent is to deliver a succinct work ready preparation program driven by the demands of these recruitment agencies, tailored to their current vacancy base.

Through embedding employment consultants into known well established recruitment agencies who have a steady and consistent pipeline of ongoing employment opportunities, we are able to target young students towards sustainable employment.

Candidates will meet the precise requirements of vacant roles and are truly job ready. Participants are also armed with a new confidence from an intensive support structure surrounding them. If the candidate is deemed not to be job ready we are able to refer these candidates where applicable into a customised training program e.g. C3G in QLD.

In regards to the principals of the Try Test and Learn fund our geographical focus would be in QLD where we currently have established operations.

According to the IBIS Report 2017, the recruitment industry in Australia has a turnover of $11b per annum made up of some 7061 recruitment firms nationwide.