[Sub ID 4816] 1 4 U, 1 4 ME (MDA)

Submission ID: 4816
Organisation name: MDA
Contact name: Ms Jill Armstrong
State: QLD
Contact email: jilla@mdaltd.org.au
Contact number: 0749212222

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?

Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
The lack of transport options and the inability of learner drivers to achieve 100 hours of driving experience is a known barrier to youth employment in regional areas. Driving while unlicensed is the second largest traffic offence in Queensland, with offenders receiving disqualifications for up to five (5) years and repeat offenders at risk of incarceration. Young people who are more likely to commit this offence have been identified as those with low literacy and numeracy skills, from low socio-economic backgrounds, or Indigenous and/or Torres Strait Islander.

Young people, particularly those that are early school leavers, are often unenthusiastic about attending classroom-based training. The value of these sessions become concealed by their delivery and observed as nothing more than a compliance activity. This unwillingness to participate creates knowledge gaps, limiting employment opportunities and exacerbating other barriers such as transportation.

“1 4 U, 1 4 ME” is an incentive-based project; participants are motivated to learn by offering incentives such as driving lessons to complete the required 100 hours of driving experience. This can be extended to other licences/tickets relevant to employment such as forklift licence or Heavy Rigid (HR) licence.

What is your idea?
Participants provide the “1 4 U”; volunteering in community organisations, or engaging in work experience and other training activities. Activity participation is determined by individual skill gaps and needs, directly aiming to improve employability. Participants then receive the “1 4 ME”; receiving appropriate supervision and vehicle to complete required hours. Participants may also receive professional lessons and financial assistance for driving tests.

“1 4 U, 1 4 ME” requires a project coordinator and an appropriately insured vehicle. Experienced volunteers with current open drivers licence will accompany learner drivers. MDA will source tasks for the driver to incorporate in their practice such as charity pick ups and/or goods delivery. This adds value to “1 4 U”.

The project observes:
1. The participant completes tailored activities to earn points including volunteering, work experience and participating in community initiatives.
2. The participant ‘spends’ their points to access practice hours, professional driving lessons and their driving test.
3. All participants must complete job-readiness training to develop cover letters and resume, improve interview skills and undertake job search activities.
4. All participants will receive ongoing support from MDA to identify, apply and achieve employment.