[Sub ID 4824] Holistic support for young people (Australian Red Cross)

Submission ID: 4824
Organisation name: Australian Red Cross
Contact name: Ms Greta Whyte
State: NSW
Contact email: gwhyte@redcross.org.au

This program seeks to provide a unique approach of holistic support to the three target groups that include; pre-employment readiness training, skills-based employment short courses and practical work experience in community social enterprises and social entrepreneurship. This will be underpinned by strengths-based holistic casework support, parenting/life skills support and cultural mentoring support.

By engaging a holistic approach to support young people through to employment, the program will include:

  • Partnering with Whitelion to deliver pre-employment support and training to young parents and link them to formal training
  • Establishing wrap around strengths-based casework support to address broader family, personal and community wellbeing factors (e.g. parenting skills, homelessness, behavioral issues, caring responsibilities mental and physical health challenges)
  • Utilising community strengths and cultural connections through engaging with Elders groups and mentoring supports
  • Building on existing partnerships with TAFE, local employers, councils and corporate businesses to provide paid employment opportunities through existing social enterprises such as the Grounded Café in Mount Druitt and developing new social enterprise opportunities with partners
  • Utilising and embedding a youth led co-design process/support to inform the delivery of activities