[Sub ID 4850] Child care study help (Lynda Lewis)

Submission ID: 4850
Contact name: Ms Lynda Lewis
State: WA
Contact email: manager@pilbaraprep.com.au

About the submitter: Qualified Child Care Educator who owns and runs my own child care centre in the Pilbara.

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Whilst operating a child care centre in the Pilbara, it became very evident that young people were struggling with the current study options that are provided in remote areas. Our company has assisted several employees through the pathways of study that have proven too difficult for them to negotiate on their own. We assisted them by providing one on one support and tuition which was not available through TAFEs or universities.

Through collaboration with local Aboriginal corporations and employment services, we are searching for study options that meets the individual needs of young people and helps them to achieve a qualification and furthermore gain employment. It is vitally important that young people have the support needed to ensure they have success and to avoid dropping out due to the difficulties of current study options.

Current study options require the students to enrol in one unit at a time. The student then receives workbooks and is required to study manuals prior to answering pages and pages of questions. On completion of the question workbook, the student is then expected to seek a work placement in order to complete their practicals.

Many young people, especially those who have not done well at school, find this whole process daunting, and most struggle to find the will power to complete the process.

What is your idea?
By utilizing existing child care centres, provide young people with a mentor and qualified trainer who can provide one on one assistance and support, right down to completing enrolment documentation and assisting with the completion of workbooks and practical activities.

The child care centre would provide a non-pressured environment in which the students can get involved in daily routines and activities. The students would not be counted on ratio, therefore there would be no pressure to perform at a high level, they can learn at their own pace.