[Sub ID 4857] Digital solutions to increase pre-employment readiness (UnitingCare Wesley Bowden)

Submission ID: 4857
Organisation name: UnitingCare Wesley Bowden
State: SA
Contact email: vendra.begonja@ucwb.org.au

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
The World Health Organisation recognises a number of changes in a young person’s life. Their observations of this are outlined, Recognising Adolescence, Implications for policies and programmes, 2014 . This included young people, are vulnerable, impacted by developmental changes, including the way they think and act. This is supported by the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) which recognises similar observations.

We have identified that support at key transitions is critical. Two major transitions for young people are the move from education to employment and the progression to independent living. Successful transition requires the development of a range of skills and abilities. Many vulnerable young people may miss opportunities to develop these skills. Many factors disrupt transitions including; environmental, social, technological and economic factors. When disruption occurs it can have catastrophic effects on a young person and their life. With this disruption, they can be at increased risk of mental illness, intergenerational poverty, decreased resilience and capacity to sustain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

UCWB has developed programs, including digital strategies to deliver information and assistance to help young people develop and sustain these essential life skills.

What is your idea?
An example of these initiatives, is the website It’s Up 2 Me which was developed to provide information and resources for those with severe and persistent mental illness, which has since been broadened to the wider community, and is now launching targeted activities to build everyday life skills, pre-employment readiness and financial literacy for a wide audience.

IU2M gives real information for everyday problems so that users can make lasting changes to the way they approach life skills. Users will be able to live more independently, improve their wellbeing and safely explore lifestyle choices. IU2M’s objectives can be identified as reducing the risk of homelessness by improving a person’s ability to manage their tenancy and increasing self-care and/or the care of others (i.e. cooking, cleaning, and financial literacy and wellbeing information).

This program, which include digital solutions offer step-by-step instructions that enables young people to understand what may be required at critical life transitions, such as moving from the family home to a private rental property and it helps them maintain their tenancies, wellbeing and budget. It gives young people the ability to live more independently, support goal setting and action planning to improve their wellbeing and explore lifestyle choices, to increase their social and financial contributions to their communities.