[Sub ID 4864] YOUth hub (TAFE SA)

Submission ID: 4864
Organisation name: TAFE SA
Contact name: Mr Aaron Harris
State: SA
Contact email: aaron.harris@tafesa.edu.au

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
The “Youth Development Program” (YOUth hub) project will do the following:

By increasing individual resilience through knowledge, employability skills and self-esteem we will:
• Reduce the reliance upon welfare for young people in Northern, Western and Southern Adelaide; in particular, those experiencing long-term unemployment or at risk of long-term unemployment.
• Break the cycle of multi-generational unemployment, including those families experiencing third/fourth generation unemployment.

The program will continue to provide ongoing nurturing to allow reinforcement of positive self-esteem. Through training, upskilling, communication, experience and resilience to ‘bring about positive change’ is strengthened to ensure individuals get their lives on track.

Providing sustainable employment, along with targeted personal support through creating collaboration with other organisations to allow holistic care plans to be implemented for each individual. This will include case management and establishing support networks to assist people to live independently of welfare. This project will have significant flow-on social benefits through positive participation in society, improved family life and overall economic prosperity.

What is your idea?
The Youth Development Program (YOUth Hub) is a 15-week commitment, focused on creating an environment for young people to be their best, gain self-awareness, develop effective communication strategies, build skills, resilience, experience, ignite direction and gain nationally accredited qualifications.

All individuals will be screened to determine their skill level and ascertain supports needed to address issues such as communication, teamwork, maintaining relationships and employability skills. The program will address barriers on a personal level then progress to a team level, with alignment to a specific work environment. For example, teamwork is fostered through real projects in the local community.

Qualifications that will be gained over the 15 weeks include Certificate II Community Services and Certificate II Outdoor Recreation that are Nationally accredited qualifications. Young people will also gain certificates in Mental Health First Aid, First Aid and sexual health awareness

This alignment of training/qualifications to individual career/industry pathways enables program flexibility as well as creating sub-groups which are powerful personal and academic support networks for participants.

Youth Hub will look to give ownership, and the skills required, to young people for their transition from dependency to inter-dependency (building their capacity to navigate through life’s complexities).

The development of a skills tracker will help follow the participants journey, with individualised support from mentors and lecturers. Each student also has a study plan and learning support to complete their journey.