[Sub ID 4872] Tailored mobile app (Community Information Support Services)

Submission ID: 4872
Organisation name: Community Information Support Services
Contact name: Mr Brentyn Parkin
State: QLD
Contact email: brentyn.parkin@communityinfo.org.au

Which priority group of the Try, Test and Learn Fund does your idea support?
Young carers, Young parents, Young students at risk of long-term unemployment

What need or issue are you trying to address?
Young people in alternative school settings have experienced a range of challenges including dysfunctional, non-working families and are in the highest risk category for long term unemployment and welfare dependency. Many have multiple obstacles including homelessness, trauma from violence, drugs and alcohol dependency related to loss of identity and trust, early parenting, alienation from family and community, family caring responsibilities, poor health and poor role models – all of which limit their ability to think of a positive future and sense of purpose. Their expectations and knowledge of the world of work are so low that work experience and casual jobs quickly fail due to lack of confidence and understanding of work requirements. Early failures and the ongoing effort to find and maintain work once they leave school is demoralising and isolating and the internet itself is overwhelming.

This program will raise students’ knowledge of local workplaces as they operate today, types of work and further education settings in a supportive environment to create concrete experiences as a basis for discussions of their work future, and will continue to provide digital support, information and encouragement post school leaving in early adulthood.

What is your idea?
Using a tailored mobile app, students will be guided through a process to find out about work options e.g. via short videos, narrow down work areas of interest e.g. through a filter of like/don’t like and identify local workplaces representing that type of work. With support of a workplace counsellor/ teacher, students will engage with a number of workers to observe and understand what their workplace is like every day. Workplaces include respected, cultural figures, young people like them, and high interest work, for example, in the arts, tourism, IT, retail and community service industries.

Students will learn workplace language and culture and identify many possibilities where their interests, skills and values could fit in the future. Visits will lead to broad discussion about work pathways. Students will maintain records of their experiences on the App and ask questions which will trigger further information, selection and gradual introduction to work experience and identifying the training and further education needed for the role. Students’ work activities and attitudes will be followed for two years after leaving school via an App that is developed based on the young people’s feedback.