[Sub ID 4877] Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Storybook (Bara Barang)

Submission ID: 4877
Organisation name: Bara Barang
Contact name: Mrs Denise Markham
State: NSW
Contact email: Denise@barabarang.com.au

The idea is to identify a mechanism to allow for the creation of a ‘storybook’ and video clip of a young Indigenous person’s experiences and growth through a range of activities to build cultural identity and employability skills. The young person can continue to add to this story over their experience journey.

Young Indigenous people would also create a short video clip outlining their story as part of the process. We would also need to build a platform for potential employers to be able to view the young persons storybook and video clip alongside a traditional resume. Young Indigenous people would gain experience in using these tools as they build their storybook and video clip.

Furthermore there would be the avenue by which role models or mentors of Indigenous Youth can create their storybook and clip highlighting their career as well as hurdles and strategies for overcoming those hurdles in their pursuit of sustainable employment.

Finally there could be the opportunity for employers could create their video clip outlining the qualities of employees they are looking for in their organisation or business. Employers could highlight stories of current Indigenous employees as well.

The engagement is from both sides through the audio-visual mediums.