[Sub ID 4882] Expanding the Empower Families Program (Bridging the Gap)

Submission ID: 4882
Organisation name: Bridging the Gap
Contact name: Mr Nick Gwynn
State: WA
Contact email: nick.gwynn@bridgingthegap.org.au
Contact number: 0488445419

Our strategy for supporting young parents is to offer a holistic approach, expanding the pre-existing Communities for Children (CfC) program, ‘Empower Families’. Linking with existing services and working collaboratively with community services who are able to support this specific cohort. The objective of this project would be to address the social isolation and low aspiration that leads to intergenerational welfare dependency.

This would begin with outreach, involve ‘managed engagement’ with services, incorporate workshops and conclude with employment services and training opportunities that are realistically achievable- providing a potential ‘spring-board’ to further education and potentially employment. We would focus on a range of issues in the individual’s life such as family, employment, relationships, health and also identify areas that need referrals to other services.

The process would include:
– Outreach Strategies to Engage Teen Parents in Schools, Emergency Relief Centres, Community Services, Centrelink
– Engagement Management- home visits, soft referrals and managed engagement with Counselling Services, Evidence Based (EBP’s) Parenting Workshops, Children’s Services, Sporting/ Social Clubs, Employment Services, Educational Institutions
– Career Development (Resume Writing/ Interview Skills)
– Workshops We would engage clients in a series of workshops designed